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Viva Espagna! Find out about the 90-ball Spanish variant

  • 11 Sep 08
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Spanish 90-ball bingo

90-ball bingo: the Spanish variant

With an increasing number of bingo sites choosing to adopt the Spanish variant of the 90-ball game, we thought we'd give you a low down on the latest way to play before it turns up on your favourite bingo online site.

We all clearly love to play uk bingo, and the Spanish seem to love their bingo as much as us here in the UK. As a result, we at Bingo Hideout have been noticing that their variation on the game is catching on over here as the online bingo game catches on over there. The Spanish 90-ball game differs from the UK game in that there are no prizes for two lines.

As with the standard UK game you will win for a line or a full house but the second line is overlooked, meaning that the money usually won at this stage is carried over to the winner or winners of the first line and full house. Speeding up the game ever so slightly by losing out on an aspect of the UK version, the Spanish game increases the prize fund all round by eliminating one strand of the game. So a quick game can bring you a larger return.

Challenging the newest formats of 80 and 30-ball bingo, the introduction of the new 90-ball variant means that 75-ball presents the longest game around despite having fewer numbers. This is due to the pattern calls and chat games that feature heavily in this format. We love the fact that new bingo games are becoming available all the time, and encourage all members to try them all in order to find the format that suits their taste best. This is why we offer our members a bonus on each of our favourite sites so that you can try out all of the bingo games available.

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