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We Can All Be Winners

  • 22 Aug 08
  • Written by

Everyone's a winnerThere's been a lot of talk in our forum lately about how
non-depositing players can still win on some
bingo sites. In
some cases this has been noted to have been large amounts and even up to the jackpot
on some sites.

While we at Bingo Hideout appreciate that this can be annoying
to long-standing players of any
uk online bingo site
it is true also that the bingo software platforms that run the sites we love so
much cannot be programmed to ignore certain players in the game whether they have
deposited yet or not.

It is a reassuring fact that this is so and is sometimes evident in the games
we play as it goes to show – in terms of the bigger picture – that every player
has the potential to win in any game. Since loading any game toward any particular
type of player is illegal there is no way that this fact can ever change.

All genuine bingo sites generate
numbers using random number software and some sites even go so far as to use more than
one of these platforms to assure players that everyone on site has a fair chance of
hitting the jackpot.

When we look at the reasons why we choose to play online bingo it is usually the
excitement of winning the big prize that entices us to play in the first instance.
If this is so, having solid proof that no matter how advanced the platform we play
on becomes, the basic premise that bingo is a game of chance remains unchanged is a
breath of fresh air to those of us who have played for a long time, and also stands
as testimony to the validity of bingo sites' fairness to potential players.

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