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Welcome a little sunshine into your game

  • 14 Nov 08
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New Antiguan online bingouk bingo players will soon be seeing adverts for internet bingo services based in Antigua. The decision by Gerry Sutcliffe to add Antigua to the UK white-list comes as a result of the country’s proven ability to ' regulate gambling' and to 'keep gambling fair and open' with its proposed infrastructure.

More, more, more

This new addition to the current list of countries which govern the UK's online bingo means we will experience a new explosion of choice and better still a new style of gaming previously unavailable in the UK.

A huge success story

This new decision to allow advertising in the UK means huge revenue for Antigua and raises the bar for existing listed countries working with the UK market.

The UK is seeing an increasing amount of bingo online advertising and the response to it so far has been phenomenal. It's no secret that this brilliant version of the game is a huge success in the UK with the online bingo sector one of the few to be continuously growing in these times of an economic slump and offering more choice within this successful industry to players who are investing heavily in the game can only be good news for all those involved.

We look forward to seeing what comes online after the 21st November when Antigua are officially able to advertise, and we hope the new style of play brings a breath of fresh air to our rainy shores.

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