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What a warm welcome!

  • 24 Nov 08
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A warm welcome to bingo newbiesAs we have discussed over the last few weeks, the rise of the newbie is becoming an increasingly important factor in how our sites are put together.

Internet bingo has proved to be a hugely popular game ever since its launch in 2006, with numbers on the increase, despite the downturn of the economy. Since the Government lifted the ban on online gaming adverts, the numbers of players signing up to bingo sites is now rising sharply and is projected to continue.

Up, up and away

This increase in numbers means most online bingo sites are increasing their investment in welcome packages, as competition for your membership heats up. Of course, it's easy as a newcomer to the game to be lured in by promises of cash matches and no deposit free bingo play, but what exactly is left after the welcome party has packed up and gone home?

Cross my palm with silver

With so many new players coming online all the time, we at the Hideout are concerned that they will be blindsided by these short-term promises. As a result some players may miss the many benefits that can be gleaned from joining a respectable site that offers less immediate gratification for your credit card details, but rewards you for your game later on.

How can we help?

It is this concern for players that compels us to keep reviewing and updating our Directory to make sure we are only presenting the most respectable and trusted sites to our members. This extensive mine of information as well as our article archive should help all of our members to get around the game, whether they've played before or not.

If however you're searching for a topic not covered by our site please let us know and we'll get right on it.

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