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What are the chances?

  • 17 Apr 08
  • Written by

Improve your online bingo chancesWe all love to join in the world of online bingo and understand that
it's a game of chance but, how do we work out what are the chances of a
win in this environment and how can we improve our personal chances to win?

Depending on what site you play on, there can be anything from
thousands of other players to millions. As with most things, playing on a
popular site has both advantages and disadvantages. Playing with a big name
means you can meet more people and play for bigger jackpots, but there is
always the factor of the number of players in every game to take into account.

The way that any bingo game works means the more players in
the game, the lower your chances of winning. The odds are directly related to
how many roomies there are in the game and if you want to win, it's advisable
to avoid the big games. There is the Catch 22; everyone wants to play for the big
jackpots including progressive and coverall types but their popularity means the
odds are stacked against a win for the most part.

Of course, any site that wants to remain online has to payout
to someone and so you can rest assured that one member of the room will win,
but how can you make sure it's you?

The best way to resolve this age-old question is to play on
bigger sites such as
Mecca Bingo,
Gala Bingo or
Foxy Bingo for the massive jackpot
we all dream of and play weekly games on a smaller site such as
Chit Chat Bingo
in order to stand a chance of being able to shout “bingo” on a regular
basis and hopefully at least cover your expenditure.

Avoid tourneys that ask you to bingo in under 40 balls – the odds
are stacked so high against everyone in these sorts of games that it's
virtually impossible to win. These tourney types allow the site to keep a
share of the income while others, for example sweepstake or guaranteed jackpot
games, give you a fairer chance of getting your mitts on the prize. This is
not to say that all tourneys are not worth playing – most are fun and are seen
as a challenge by regular players – and if your plays add up to bonuses and
prizes it's always worth having a go if your budget allows for such commitment.

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