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What feature tops the summit of online bingo for you?

  • 29 May 09
  • Written by admin

Cheeky Bingo

As avid fans of online bingo, you’ll be aware that the Online Bingo Summit is only a few weeks away, meaning that many of us in the industry are gearing up for two days of critical insights into the game and its future as well as some time for merriment! Having spent some time at home studiously doing our research in preparation for the big event, we at the Hideout have been scrutinising the contenders for the biggest award up for grabs. This of course is the Best Innovation Award, and in doing so we started to wonder which of those nominated our members would vote for.

What’s hot and what’s not

The Best Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious given at the Bullet Business summit as it reflects which bingo sites are to be considered the next ‘big thing’, so competition is fierce. The nominees are Tombola Bingo for Freefall/Bingo Roulette, Game Village Bingo for Elimination Bingo and Bingo Radio, Cozy Games for Mobile Bingo, Cheeky Bingo for Freeplay Bingo and Virtue Fusion for Marine Mayhem and Multi Currency. Although it may seem that some in the industry have already voted with their feet of late – it won’t have escaped your notice that some of the biggest names in online bingo have moved over to Virtue Fusion in the last few months – we’d still love to hear your views as players not creators or managers of the games listed.

Let us know what you think

The list of nominees for this exciting award is confirmation to us that the sites we hold dear and recommend to our members are truly the best around for players, which is an award in itself to any portal. We take the business of reviewing changes and promotions offered by sites in the Hideout very seriously and we love to hear your views, which is why we are asking for your thoughts on this matter.

We’d love to hear your views on the selected sites and on the innovations that the industry giants will be voting for; for example do you think it’s a fair assessment of the features currently on offer in online bingo? Or do you think a particular innovation has been overlooked? Let us know via the member forum which of these has most changed your gaming experience and we’ll see how your assessment matches up those in charge of the game.

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