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What is Keno? We find out more about this great side game

  • 15 Sep 08
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Keno on online bingo sites

We have written a lot recently about side-games and the various suites available on our favourite bingo sites, though it has come to our attention that so far we have overlooked the popular game of Keno. So in order to remedy this oversight, this week we have a break down of the game itself for those who have yet to play.

The game of Keno is said to have originated in Ancient China and to have been so popular a game that the funds raised by it were used to build the Great Wall! This may well be stuff of legend but the fact that it arrived in America during the 19th century and took off straight away is not.

This popular game is the perfect middle ground between the lottery and bingo games and so has been adopted by internet bingo sites such as Think Bingo and Bingo Scotland as part of the extra games offered. In most versions of this game players choose between 2 and 20 numbers from 80 and wager on your numbers coming up.

Of course, the more numbers you choose the less likely you'll have every one of those chosen, so choosing fewer numbers and wagering more is often cited as being the strongest strategy when it comes to winning at this game. No matter how you choose to play and whether it’s a straightforward version or a race version of the game, check out the pay tables to see how much your wager will return.

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