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What is the purpose of stand-alone bingo sites?

  • 22 Aug 08
  • Written by

Standalone online bingo sitesSince the explosion of online bingo sites in the UK since 2006, it is
now entirely possible to find the type of game you want to play on a site that deals
with your gaming needs, with no other extraneous games if that's how you like to

That means you can get the game you want in the format you like to play
on, and you can even donate to charity at the same time if you wish. No matter what
it is you're looking for in your game, shopping around can improve your
experience no end. Here are a few examples of standalone sites that are popular
with our members.

Free Bingo

Among the many available online bingo
sites there are those that focus on one aspect of play such as the Free Bingo site,
which as a non-profit site only aims to provide the best in free online bingo games
with no commitment from its players other than a player profile.

Purely Bingo

There is even a site where you can play your favourite game without any
distracting side-games so you get the most out of the game every time you play.
The Purely Bingo site is 'built by players for players' and as such has
a commitment to the game that is rarely seen in the larger world of
internet bingo.
Though most players may enjoy the offer of other games to enjoy the Purely Bingo site
is ideal for players who have perhaps moved from live bingo or for those who need to
restrict their budget to bingo games only.

Big Heart Bingo

There is even a site dedicated solely to raising money for charity if you miss
being part of the beneficial side of bingo. As we're all no doubt aware bingo
games have often been used as a method of fundraising for worthy causes in the past
and the fantastic Big Heart Bingo site can help you get back in touch with the
altruistic side of bingo so your gaming pleasure also goes some way to helping
those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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