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What is your favourite lucky charm?

  • 21 Sep 08
  • Written by

Your online bingo lucky charmsAlthough associations of having lucky charms is widely accepted as being part of the live bingo game, it is coming to light through various chat rooms and forums that players of internet bingo also love to have their little helpers around while in play. Lucky charms can include fluffy toys, clothes and even the specific underwear a player was wearing the last time they won.

We have discussed before how some bingo players put a lot of stock by their favourite numbers when it comes to winning, and some roomies will not deviate from these numbers at all out of fear of missing the day their number comes up.

The way in which lucky charms and numbers come about can be quite random for some people, as with the toy your child left by the computer before you won it big at online bingo. It would seem however that if a roomie has had a good experience while in play while the charm or number of choice was present, most players love to hold onto that experience and relive it by bringing the fluffy rabbit or knickers to the fore when signing in.

We at Bingo Hideout love to read these stories, and would love to hear yours. Not only because we love to find out which trinkets or toys you hold dear but also because we love hearing your winning stories. If you have a story to share, you can upload your experience to the forum or email us direct and we'll share your experience with the other members.

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