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What male players can get from the best game around

  • 19 Jul 08
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Men and online bingo

Online bingo is often cited as a “women only” pastime, where men are few and far between. However, recent figures showing the growing popularity of Internet bingo have also confirmed that men make up a considerably larger percentage of total players than previously thought.

The fact that this gender attitude is changing can be seen in the decision by a lot of sites to have a link to casino games on their sister sites from the original online bingo site or vice versa. The fact remains that if you enjoy a flutter for a bit of fun, bingo has as much chance of winning as a roulette spin and a lot of the time the jackpots you can play for are far bigger compared to table games.

It is this change of scenery and atmosphere that
is enticing more men over and, looking at some of the winners galleries
on our favourite sites, it seems that making the move has worked out
very well for a very large number of male players.

These days, there are even bingo sites online designed with men in mind, and you can see the change of approach to players in sites such as Game Village and Jackpot Joy
– neither of which are aimed at either sex in particular. This basic
but important change to the face of online bingo is also encouraging
more male players to get in on the action and we at the Hideout think
that the more male players get on board, the broader our experience of
the game will be.

With such a large populace of women to flirt and chat with, men and women alike enjoy a good mix of the genders online as it adds a whole new
flavour to each game. Although online bingo is not a social forum in
the same way that Facebook might be, it is still a good way to meet
likeminded people. More and more sites are beginning to catch on to this aspect of chat and now cater for singles nights and allow naughty chat between certain hours.

Boosting the fun levels and the chances of meeting the right match for you is a huge draw for many players and when you consider that sites such as Wink Bingo and Jackpot Joy offer exclusive rooms for players who wish to chat privately, there's no limit to how much you can share over a game of bingo and beyond.

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