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What on earth is 30-ball bingo?

  • 05 Jul 08
  • Written by admin

30-ball online bingo

In the light of the latest new site additions to the Hideout we’ve been getting the lowdown on the latest version of our favorite game, 30-ball bingo, so you can give it a whirl without worry. 30-ball bingo is the latest way to play and has been introduced by users of the Cozy platform such as Harry’s Bingo and Bingo Magix UK . The huge appeal of this new game stems from the fact that it offers a new and even quicker way for players to enjoy online bingo.

Pulls Quite a Punch

30-ball bingo is played on a bingo board 3×3 or 9 squares with a maximum of 30 numbers called, which obviously makes for more games per hour and more winners! A clever adaptation of our favourite game, this game is brilliant for those times when you don’t have time to play for long but still fancy a flutter. 30-ball bingo is charged with adrenaline due to the quick turnaround in the game and the higher number of winners per hour and so still pulls quite a punch.

This game has proved so popular since its introduction that the number of players spending time in these halls is still rapidly increasing. Whether these players are checking the game out to satisfy their curiosity will be seen as time passes, but for now as the player rate is so high, operators are increasing the jackpots to reflect player interest.

Less Patterns

Compared to 75 and 80-ball bingo – often considered the ‘alternative’ versions of the game in the UK – 30-ball bingo does not offer as many patterned versions as a standard game or session of bingo. In short its appeal is its brevity, and we cannot imagine it will translate into monthly tourneys as yet because of this.

We are always fascinated with new games and ways to play at Bingo Hideout and this new game demonstrates how a game that began hundreds of years ago can still be adapted and updated for modern players. We’d like to think that roomies currently enjoying this new version of the game will stick once the novelty factor wears off, just for
the sake of having alternatives of game play further developed in the
long run. The more players are seen to invest in games like this, the more likely the operators are to dream up more games thus expanding our range of play indefinitely.

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