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What player type are you?

  • 17 Aug 08
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What player type are you

In order to help our members discover which aspect of play is most important to them should they be looking to change site, we have drawn up a guide to the most prominent player types enjoying internet bingo today and which features most appeal to them.

The scheduler

This incredibly organised player only ever plays the same bingo games at the same time and with the same players. The scheduler most appreciates tourneys and regular chat features as this fuels their diarised play.

The team player


sociable player is only interested in team-based play where they can

share their winnings among the roomies they love the most. This social

butterfly also loves chat games where you give to your neighbour like

those featured in Game Village.

The promotion fan

promotion fan chooses their site according to the strength of its
monthly tourneys and never misses a game. This player type is in it to
win the big prize and probably isn't as interested in points
collection as the holiday or money prize the close of the month brings.

The loyalty points collector

This particular player type is as loyal to their favourite bingo sites as the points dictate. Always looking at the bigger picture, this
player enjoys games that reward and will go about collecting points to
the maximum value prize only to give it away or share it with a person in their lives who they love the best. Winning a dinner for two is the greatest accolade for this player type and they revel in sharing their bingo winnings.

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