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What’s cool with the roomies?

  • 02 Feb 08
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Online bingo chatChat is a funny business, and is treated differently from site to site, which is why it’s always great to play around with various sites before settling into one with a style that suits you. Finding the roomies with the same sense of humour as you and the site that best lets you express it is one of the best features of the online bingo game.
There are some sites for example that go about awarding roomies for politeness to CMs and other members of the chat (for example the Bingonanza site who commend politeness on their ‘What’s New’ page).

Other sites let you talk about certain issues if no one is present that is likely to be offended for example some sites prefer ladies not to speak about personal problems if a man is present whereas if its just a group of girls online such chat is fine.

There are, of course, also exceptional cases where all of the usual rules are thrown to the wall such as Norty Nite which is currently held on Fridays in the Indigo Hall over at Bingonanza . Cited from the outset as being offensive to those with a faint heart this section of the night is given over specifically to explicit gaming and stands alone – to our knowledge – in being the only time that such chat is permissible.

As far as etiquette is concerned each site has it’s own specific rules which are to be followed whenever you join in the conversation, but we have compiled a list here of generally applied rules for chat to help you know where ‘the line’ is.

  • Offensive language is never acceptable, and will always damage your privileges within a site. If you offend a member of the chat you will be asked to leave the room if it’s your first offence; after that it is up to the site how they will stop you from further causing a disturbance.
  • Offensive words are not acceptable, even if mis-spelt
  • Players must not use capital letter sentences as this comes across as being threatening. Any threatening or slanderous language is not permissible. Ever.
  • Players must always be respectful of the CM in charge of the chat and never argue with their decisions in play.
  • Finally, most sites do not allow the exchange of email information between players.

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