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Who is playing online bingo and why is it so popular?

  • 23 Jan 08
  • Written by admin

Bingo is historically associated with older players, though in the last 10 years the bingo game has become more appealing to the younger generations with the introduction of nationwide jackpots and larger Progressive Jackpots (PJPs).

Bingohideout is very interested in finding out who is playing online bingo games in the newest age of the bingo revolution: the online bingo game.

More accessible (even to those players who are unable to leave home to play) and more appealing to a wider audience than ever, the modern 90-ball online bingo game couldn’t be further from the traditional images of dabbing numbers quietly in cold church halls for a small prize!

As a first impression of the current market, it would seem that a large number of the modern online bingo sites are aimed primarily at women with families or busy work schedules who are unable to get to bingo halls for games. Women aged between 25-40, these mums are looking to meet friends online and enjoy the thrill of the game as much as chatting online and this focus is reflected in endorsements such as Sharon Osbourne’s celebrity sponsorship of Gala bingo.

However Internet bingo is increasingly becoming tied to betting sites traditionally aimed at men, for example Ladbrokes and Betfred . Online bingo has spilled into the male gaming market since the gaming laws governing the Internet changed and this is reflected further in the placement of casino and slot games, even on more traditional bingo sites such as Mecca. With increasingly huge PJPs available it is no longer a female dominated fight to the jackpot in the modern game.

There are many sites to access and new ones turning up online all the time offering you fun in the comfort of your own home and, with the benefit of allowing anyone who has an Internet connection to play, there are no limits to the increasingly diverse audience of these great games.

There are additional benefits too, from roomie holidays and days out (e.g. with Foxy ), team bingo games on sites such as Bingo Jet Set or, as with the Bingofriends site, as a member you can simply have access to horoscopes and recipes. Choosing your home site carefully means that you can decide whether your gaming experience is private or a social whirlwind of new friends!

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