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Why Game Village has Xmas all wrapped up

  • 19 Nov 08
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Game Village online bingo

Game Village is one of the most innovative sites around; here players the chance to truly get involved in their online bingo community. Offering house parties, a local pub to hang out in, and now a radio station for those who live in the virtual village.

Keep your eye on the balls

With 75-ball bingo on the go every day, it's good to hear that the 90-ball game is also on its way to the village – but don't expect it to be a normal version of the game. As with their alternative versions of the 75-ball game, this will be a new way to play uk bingo and is well worth keeping your eyes down for.

All I want for Christmas…

Game Village are famous for offering their roomies huge jackpots as well as free online bingo played for prize draws, but with its announcement that they are going to give one lucky player a huge £10,000 Xmas day present, they are really pulling the stops out this season.

This cool game kicks off at 11.15am on Christmas Day so get your other presents out of the way, put the dinner on and sit down to a game that really could change the outlook of your new year this year.

Of course, since some of you won't be able to squeeze in a quick game at this time, Game Village have thought of everything and have put this game up for pre-buy tickets too so you don’t miss out.

Game Village Bingo

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