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Why look at Facebook when you can chat live?

  • 23 May 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo chatSince the sociable side of online bingo is its biggest draw and in our opinion its best feature, this week we have been taking a look at how different sites choose to invest in its players and their overall social experience.

Every site is different with the features varying according to what the players want from the site and the money invested in the site itself. For example, some sites do not appear to have a community outside of basic live chat, whereas others such as Think Bingo and Foxy have developed a multitude of ways to you to communicate with fellow roomies.

With everything from forums to message boards, player meets to private rooms there are many options open to players of online bingo. It is dependent on what kind of crowd you are looking to meet and on what level you wish to socialise with them which features will most appeal to you, but for example, if you’re looking for love online playing on sites which only focus on chat are probably not the best option for you. There are sites such as Wink Bingo who offer private chat rooms and Bingonanza who offer a naughty night game, for example which may fare better as a way to flirt with those around you.

The best thing about all of the in-house social features on all bingo sites is that as with other less specific social spaces like Facebook and Bebo there’s no fee for the social side of online bingo. You can post on a forum or leave a note on a message board without depositing as long as you’re registered and you can even join in the live chat, which every site features, without necessarily having to play the bingo game currently on.

Free Bingo is an excellent example. This site offers a wealth of community-based activities including a members’ forum and a players’ leader board. At no cost at all to registered players, you don’t even have to pay to play and there are loads of chances to win fab prizes too. The crowd on the Free Bingo site are a jolly one; with nothing to lose and everything to gain they tend to be more focused on chat and always have a laugh.

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