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Why not host your own players’ meet?

  • 23 May 08
  • Written by admin

In terms of making the most of player friendships, sites such as Game Village Bingo and Foxy seem to have taken the initiative to get players together and arrange mass meets so that their roomies can get to know each other a little better.

Others seem to be a little behind on an idea which we think underpins the nature of the social side of online bingo – the side that is more exciting than tourneys or LPs could ever be. Meeting like-minded players for a day of laughs can only strengthen the community hosted through any site, so why wait for your chosen site to get on board?

Arranging a meeting of people from your local area (especially if you live in a city) is easy if you have a message board on site; you need not give your address, just arrange a time and a date and most roomies will be happy to come along.

Player meets can provide an easy means of socialising directly with those you chat to on a regular basis and offers you a way of putting a face to a name. With so much already in common there’s every chance your roomies will fancy making a day (or a night) of it, depending on where they’ve travelled from. Most roomies might consider a visit a local bingo hall to play a quick session to get the night started and since live games finish reasonably early you still have time to make a night of it… or make a quick get away if you need to!

As the instigator of such an event you could choose to hire a hall and throw a party, depending on numbers. Generally no one would expect you to take responsibility for the behaviour of your fellow roomies, or to provide the entertainment. After all you’ll need some assurance that although these are great friends in the bingo rooms, you don’t know what antics people will get up to – especially when there’s a drink or two involved. Don’t let what might happen put you off however, and be careful not to take on too much as the organiser of a meet.

If you are thinking of setting up a meet and your site doesn’t provide a message board or forum to post on why not use ours to announce your meet? These events needn’t be specific to any one site; we all love bingo after all and most of us love to meet new people who share the same passion!

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