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Why should players of the live game switch to online bingo?

  • 20 Oct 08
  • Written by

Switch to online bingoWhile we at the Hideout love the live game and are saddened every time we hear of a club closure, we appreciate that since the smoking ban and double taxation has come into effect, the knock-on effects on the live game were inevitable. There is, of course, an upside to this decline; at least online bingo is here as an alternative!

There are many features that playing on an Internet bingo site can offer that players don't get in live play, and although you may lose out on a night out with the girls, there is a community in the digital game that is as vibrant as that in the local hall, and you can spread your social circle to across the nation rather than across the road.

One of the main features that online bingo can bring to your game is the choice of free bingo games. Most live halls offer deals on BOGOF, but there are many sites and promotions across the bingo world that will give you free bingo online, and some sites even offer this on a regular basis.

Unlike in the live halls, you will, as a newbie to Internet bingo, be given a bingo sign up bonus and depending on where you choose to play, this can be up to 200% cash match on your first deposit. Many sites now offer money back on any money you deposit after this first deposit so you can get something back for loyal play in a way that doesn't happen at the bingo hall.

These are just a few of the reasons to make the change to bingo online if your hall has closed down, but if you want more reasons, look in our directory to see which site offers the incentive that most appeals to the way you like to play and try out the registration bonus to see how you like the feel of the game.

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