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Why you should try pre-buy

  • 20 Aug 08
  • Written by

Pre buy for online bingoThere are many things that draw us in to playing
bingo online. There is, for example,
the fab social side of the game and the chance to see your fellow players whether
they're represented as an avatar of themselves or a simple photo but if we're
truly honest we also all love getting in on the big games offered by our favourite
online bingo sites
from time to time and so making sure you don't miss your sites biggest games is
top on most players' agendas.

There are many ways you can stay on top of this so you don't miss out;
you can sign up for the site's weekly email update and some Internet bingo
sites have desktop alerts. The most widespread means of keeping your hand in is
to pre-buy cards for the big games so you know where you are before the game starts.

Being organised enough to sort out your pre-buy cards for the big jackpot
games means you wont ever miss out on the biggest games no matter what your busy
schedule has you doing. Most sites have their biggest games on in the evenings and
times vary across every site and from day to day so if you work in the evenings or
have other social commitments you may well miss out on the chance of a big win on a
regular basis.

Pre-buying cards for all the games you can't attend personally is the
best way to guarantee you wont lose out for the sake of the Residents’

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