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Why you’re not getting updates from your favourite sites anymore

  • 18 Jul 08
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Online bingo spam

One of the best ways to keep on top of the current top promotions and offers at your favourite online bingo site is to sign up for the weekly email newsletter. However, with more filters and protection packages blocking emails automatically, you may not be receiving the updates you have signed up for.

There are many reasons why the blockers on emails have become so tight recently. On the whole, it's an attempt to deflect the amount of spam you receive, so there's more unfettered space in your inbox for the mail that you do want. Even though you might have signed up for these newsletters, your account won't register the fact until you allow the sender through the blocker, usually by adding their address to an “approved” list (or removing from an “unapproved” list.)

In order to keep the mail you need flowing
we've drawn up a simple guide to getting the updates on online bingo you want.

  • The most important thing to remember is that, depending on the operator of your chosen Internet bingo site, you may receive emails from more than one address regarding bingo game play. Some emails regarding new promotions are sent direct from the operator, and may cover all sites they run – not necessarily just the one you signed up for. So if you're new to online bingo or the site in question you may not recognise the name of the sender straight away.
  • You may wish to check the content of the email before adding the address to your account, and with most account providers you can do so in advance of accepting the sender.
  • Once you know all the names of the email accounts you might receive emails from you can go about adding these to your “safe senders” lists. No matter who your account provider is, you will need to do this in order to stay on top of your game, as filters are designed to block any unsolicited gaming emails automatically.
  • Once you have added a sender to your list you will be able to open any future emails without having to do anything. Adding a sender to your list makes any further correspondence easier and guarantees you'll get emails on time, which means you will never miss out on a fab promo ever again.

This guide is of course applicable to all sites and all types of emails: remember you do not have to accept emails from anyone you don't know.

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