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Wink Bingo and Family Fortunes – a match made in heaven

  • 20 Sep 08
  • Written by admin

Wink bingo online

In this last year alone online bingo has branched out into telly in ways that we couldn’t have imagined a mere two years ago. With Foxy sponsoring Jeremy Kyle, new shows that are bingo games broadcast live over the main networks in the week and an increasing number of bingo ads creeping into ad breaks throughout the day, it does seem that these two bedfellows are very happy together.

The latest in this massive expansion drive for bingo sites on TV is the latest announcement from Wink that it is to sponsor Family Fortunes. The new all-star version of the popular quiz show is to be hosted by Vernon Kay and will feature ads for both Wink Bingo games and Family Fortunes at the beginning and the end of the ad breaks.

Wink has chosen cute kittys to get the message across, in a move that takes them away from the Wise Gals. This decision is bound to go down well across the broad spectrum of viewers of this enduring game show though and will probably generate a new player base out of the pre water shed audience.

winkbingo has had a phenomenal first year so far and is proving that a bingo site that thinks out of the box – and is heavily featured on the box – will get the players’ attention and will keep them coming back every week.

Bingo Hideout once again say good luck to Wink and congratulations for being one of the first brave enough to venture onto a terrestrial channel at prime time.


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