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Six ultimate Christmas presents for the family…

  • 08 Dec 08
  • Written by Tom - Bingo Hideout Admin

Christmas Is on its way and everybody is thinking about
what presents they would like to receive and also what presents they
need to buy. How would your shopping list change though if you had a
really big win? Bingo Hideout has got some suggestions for you!

Wife – Diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co

Tiffany Necklace

necklace from Tiffany and Co is sure to raise a smile on the face of
the special lady in your life. Made up of beautiful emerald cut
diamonds in platinum it is a bargain at £859,000!

Husband – Limited edition fighter motorcycle

Fighter Motor Cycle

Engineered for optimal performance the 190mph Fighter Motorcycle will make the man in your life very happy this
Christmas. This machine looks like it has stepped straight out of a
science fiction film, the price tag is fact though, £74,000.

Kids – The Metropolis from Rainbow Play

Climbing Frame

Metropolis, part of the King Kong series from Rainbow Play is a
“residential play structure”. This is a climbing frame of epic
proportions that is guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for years to come. The question is where do you put it, the front garden or the back garden? £67,000.

Dad – A quiet pint of Guiness

Irish Pub

are not talking about a trip to the local! Why not get your Dad a
Traditional Irish Pub? It will be custom designed and installed in his
home and will include historic Irish architectural features and
authentic Guiness memorabilia. £168,000.

Mum – Limited edition perfume


not get your Mother some perfume? Imperial Majesty is the world’s most
expensive perfume; it is a limited edition signature scent from Clive
Christian. As well as smelling pretty sweet it comes in a crystal
bottle with a five-carat diamond and 18 carat gold collar. Only £145,000.

Dog – 52 carat diamond dog collar

Dog Collar

Over 1600 hand-set diamonds have been carefully crafted onto this incredible dog collar that is made from platinum and white gold. Comfort is assured for your pampered pooch through the use of Crocodile leather. £323,000.

So that is the Christmas shopping list sorted out, all you need to do now is win £1.6M!

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