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The Bingo Bonus Booster goes live!

  • 03 Apr 09
  • Written by Tom - Bingo Hideout Admin

Bingo Bonus Booster

Well it’s been a long time in development but we are glad to announce that the Bingo Bonus Booster is
now live! This great addition to the Bingo Hideout website offers two great functions to enable you all
to make the most of the available bingo bonuses out there. I’ll give you a quick overview on each of
them here..

Bingo Bonus Booster

This is the main function of the new addition, it’s an interactive calculator that will take some quick
and simple information from you and then calculate which bingo site will give you the most “bang for your

All you need to do is enter how much money you want to deposit on your initial deposit at a new site,
how much you will be depositing on future deposits and also the frequency of the future deposits. Click
the “Compare Now” button and the Bingo Bonus Booster will calculate how much bonus you would recieve
from all the different bingo sites. It calculates:

  • Total money you will have to spend after making your first deposit
  • Total money you will have to spend after each future deposit
  • The total amount of bonus money you will have received after 3 weeks or months (depending on frequency of deposit)
  • The total amount of bonus money you will have received after 6 weeks or months (depending on frequency of deposit)

As you can see this fantastic little tool will take all of the guess work out of figuring out which bingo
bonus to go for!

No Deposit Bingo Bonus finder

The second part of our bingo bonus offering here on Bingo Hideout is a renewed and simplified listing of
the biggest and best no deposit bingo offers! Pay a visit to our revised listing of all the free no deposit
bingo offers
and take your pick! Work your way through the lot of them if you want! We simply want to
ensure that you can get your hands on all of the best offers as quickly and easily as possible!

If you have been impressed with our new bingo bonus offerings then help us out and use the
“Share on Facebook” links that you will see on the new pages. This way you can let your friends know
about the great money saving tools! I’m sure they’ll all welcome a little help in these desperate times!

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