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Bingo machines in Alabama, no! Death by lethal injection, yes!

  • 19 Nov 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo a no go in AlabamaWeird headlines regarding bingo machine laws in Alabama are dominating the internet, the reason for the hive of internet news activity regarding bingo machines is a rather strange decision to launch a series of raids on premises with subsequent closures and a number of high profile court cases which have attempted to dispute the legality of the bingo machines.

The recent problems for casinos that have bingo machines installed have resulted in some premises having their bingo machines seized. The case against bingo machines being operated in Alabama is now being heard by the Alabama state Supreme Court, and with promises by State Governor Bob Riley to prosecute anyone who violates the laws regarding bingo machines.  He is quoted as saying that “none of the estimated 16,000 electronic bingo machines in Alabama can meet the criteria laid out by the court “and it’s time for them to go.” As well as intending to prosecute casinos that offer bingo machines to players, the Governor is intending to prosecute manufacturers who knowingly supply bingo machines to casinos in Alabama, Mr Riley sent out letters to bingo machine manufacturers in Nevada, Arizona, New Jersey, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and Colorado.

It seems strange that a bingo machine can generate such extreme reactions from the lawmakers in Alabama when citizens in the state are legally entitled to walk the street with a handgun concealed about their person.  Another strange anomaly is that the State of Alabama still regards capital punishment as legal; interestingly the last person executed by lethal injection in the State of Alabama occurred as recently as 8th October 2009, which makes all the fuss being made about bingo machines almost nonsensical.  Still maybe we won’t say too much, as never know when the gang at Bingo Hideout might need to visit Alabama, certainly don’t want to get on the wrong side of the powers that be – actually just to be on the safe side we might just continue to play online bingo sites as a precautionary measure!

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