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3 Super Inspiring Biggest Bingo Wins Ever

  • 29 May 15
  • Written by Betsy Green

altLooking for some inspiring stories about the game you love? Well you have come to the right place! Bingo wins happen every day and as the game grown in popularity, so do the prizes! Bingo prizes are getting bigger and more frequent and in the past, present and future there are some epic wins.

Have you been sitting on the fence for a while over online bingo? Prefer to stick to the traditional bingo hall methods? In this post we are going to look and the kings and queens of luck and draw some inspiration from their incredible bingo wins.

John Orchard, Lincolnshire

JACKPOT: £5,883,044.43

Back in December John Orchard was just an ordinary guy who worked in the job centre. He wasn’t an avid bingo player but opened his first account online and placed a humble bet of 30p on a batman style bingo game, and to his absolute astonishment he won a colossal £5.9 million! Of course, he retired from his job and enjoyed a serious holiday and drove to the airport in his new jaguar.

Georgios M, Greece

JACKPOT: €6.3 million (£5.1 million)

The luck of the Greek? Turns out the Greek are also lucky when it comes to bingo playing. Georgios M, who preferred to remain somewhat anonymous due to the size of his win was the world’s biggest Bingo winner before John Orchard beat him to the number one spot. He scooped a jackpot worth £5.1 million playing a game of bingo on an online bingo site back in 2009, becoming a multi-millionaire at 36 years of age.

Lisa Potter, Oxfordshire

JACKPOT: £1,364,745.23

Much to Oxfordshire resident Lisa Potter’s dismay her footy-loving partner was engrossed in the 2012 Euro championships. Lisa found a great way to keep her self-amused when all this was going on was to put her feet up and have a game of online bingo to block it all out. Lisa placed a very modest £5 bet and immediately won a staggering £1.3 million. They say everything happens for a reason so this was clearly a match made in heaven!

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence when it comes to playing online bingo maybe now you’re feeling a little more inspired? Big wins really do happen and they are happening all over. There is more cash wins up for grabs than ever, more bingo rooms than ever and more chances than ever to win big!

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