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888 Ladies show us why 17 is the way to catch em

  • 05 Aug 09
  • Written by

888 Ladies Bingo

Wow, we at the Hideout are not only having loads more fun at 888 Ladies Bingo than ever, but given the size and scale of their new side game suite, we can only respond in a voice that you might hear Keanu Reeves use if he were a regular player at online bingo giant 888 Ladies Bingo and had just seen the new line up when we say ‘woah’!

What more could we want?

It’s true, we have been truly amazed this week at the enormity of the scope of games that this already very cool site has just unleashed on the world. As a result, we have spent a lot of time over there checking out which of the seventeen new games is the best, but since they are all so much fun we can’t decide as of yet. After all, with games like Sands of Fortune costing as little as 10p what we love about this game is that there’s no limit to how much you could win. In fact the player eibbed57 has already won £125,510 on this great game, so this is one of the most played at the Hideout right now!

Fancy pretending to be Kiera Knightly for a while?

Other games to have come online include European Roulette; video slots like Fortunes Prophet and Easter Island; adventure video slots such as Pirate Princess; animal video slots like Double Up Ducks and Piggy payout and girly video slots such as Gamma Girl. So, no matter what kind of theme does it for you, you’re sure to find something to keep you busy in between sessions at 888 Ladies now.

Imagine this……….

In fact, with free bingo going on every night here from 7pm, you could be enjoying chat with your favourite roomies, getting a free fix of your favourite game and giving these new games a whirl all at the same time! Imagine the thrill if you won on one of their new instants and picked up some free cash in a bingo game all at once. Woah, again!

Get in the game between Monday and Friday at 7pm to play for £300 or on Saturday and Sunday to play for a massive £500. Winning on the double like that surely would make you more than a bingo superstar; it might even make you a bingo legend! Good luck!


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