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A new face for the likes of Mecca Bingo

  • 27 May 09
  • Written by admin

Mecca Bingo

In the latest development for bingo’s presence online, there has been a new Facebook group set up to raise awareness of the bingo taxation issue. This new means of attracting support for the much maligned live bingo game is already causing quite a stir, with a huge 1200 members having joined already.

We want a fair deal

This new campaign group was set up by Will Clarke of Manchester in collaboration with the ‘Help me fight for a fair deal for bingo’ group which was already featured on Facebook. It already has the backing of the UK’s Bingo Association whose site currently is asking members to join the group to show their support. The Bingo Association have in fact gone as far as to have acknowledged the sway that such radical means of campaigning may well have in gaining numbers by setting up a direct link from their main site to the Facebook group with a recommendation that Association members join the new group.

Make yourself heard

This group as with many other campaigns is speaking out against the 22% tax that bingo is subject to over the 15% that other gambling types have to pay. This latest development where a worker from the industry has gone about using a social network outside of the bingo world to promote his thoughts on bingo tax is a very interesting one, and one that shows that no matter where you are in the chain of play, you can get your voice heard. This is also a heartening story for those who are hot on the campaign trail to get this increase put in line with that of other games, as this kind of support from the biggest bingo conglomerate can only serve to further underline Mr Clarke’s and his supporters’ point.

There are many ways that you can get involved in the campaign to stop the decline of the bingo industry, after all whether you play online or at a bingo hall, having a choice is what makes the game so much fun. Write to your MP, sign up to the Facebook group today or join Mecca Bingo‘s Save Our Bingo campaign today to make a difference.

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