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A Newbies Guide to Bingo Terms

  • 06 May 15
  • Written by Peachy

altIf your new to the game and would like to simply get stuck straight in then this post is going to be extremely helpful to you.

When thinking of starting to play any new games, it can seem like it’s all a bit of a mine field so we are going to totally debunk any terminology you may come across when heading out to play bingo
for the first time. Get your pens ready, get your game on and listen up!

Bingo board – This is usually a display board which lights up showing which numbers have been
called out.

A Bingo Card – Obviously this is the card you look at to play the game, normally arranged in a 5×5
square containing 24 numbers. Each column has 15 totally random numbers from its number set.

Bonanza Bingo – A form of “coverall,” with a couple of variations. Forty-Five to Forty-eight numbers are called before the regular session begins. If no winner is achieved in 48 numbers, the hall will either progress the number of “calls” (49, 50, etc) each night it is not won or just keep playing the game until there is a winner and award a “consolation prize.”

Bingo Chat Rooms – A place where you can chat and communicate with other people who also love
the game! A great way to be sociable and pass the time.

Free Space – This is the middle, blank square of the bingo card that you get for free.

Game rooms online – Are to divide players up into different games, there’s all sorts of different
games rooms with online bingo depending on your wants and tastes.

House – Is just another way of saying ‘bingo hall’.

Money Ball – If a bingo game you’re playing has a money ball, then a player’s winnings are doubled if their bingo is hit on that number. If a money ball exists, it will be drawn before the game.

The pay out – Usually at about 75% of what goes into the pot this is what the winner receives.

Wrap up – usually refers to the end of the day.

30 Ball Bingo – For the lovers of a fast and speedy game of bingo, often called speed bingo it sports a 3×3 grid.

75 Ball Bingo – Usually played in the United States this type of bingo card can have numbers ranging from 1 – 75 on a 5×5 grid.

80 Ball Bingo – This is also considered a type of speed bingo and the playing card consists of 16
squares across and four down.

90 Ball Bingo – Popular amongst the British, differs because it has 15 numbers in three rows and
nine columns. A row consists of five numbers and four blank spots. Column one constitutes numbers
one through to nine, column two constitutes numbers ten through to nineteen, column three constitutes numbers twenty through to twenty nine, etc. etc. The final line constitutes numbers
eighty through to ninety.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more confident now to enter into those exciting bingo game rooms! Get your game on and go and win!

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