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Adding to the wealth of TV ads

  • 05 May 09
  • Written by admin


We wonder if you’ve caught any of the fab new ads for Posh Bingo in the last week? With four amusing shorts to back up their amazing relaunch, this site has already blown us away with its recent face-lift, but now it’s reaching it’s perfectly manicured fingernails into the world of telly to entice more stylish ladies over to the site that everyone’s talking about at the moment.

Living the High Life

We love this new campaign at the Hideout, since rather than sticking with images of over-excited women playing our favourite game, it shows another side of this booming industry; how the rest of the world fares when we are all online. Bored receptionists and sales assistants stand around waiting for customers while humorous puppets tell of how all the pampered ladies have gone to play at poshbingo.com.

Promoting itself as the ‘stylish way to play bingo’, this site is clearly bursting with new ideas and is now flourishing in the manner one would expect from a brand so particular about its image.

I have a dream…….

With new games such as Make a Mint where you can win a guaranteed £3,000 at 9pm on the last Friday of every month, and Dreams of Dosh where you could win a possible million pounds! With a guaranteed minimum of £500 there are many reasons to stay in and become accustomed to the classy manner in which they treat their players.

A few things to perk you up

If you’re yet to see how the other half play for yourself, register today for a generous £20 welcome match bonus. You’ll also qualify for a 200% deposit match as a newbie at Posh Bingo, and if that’s not enough to make you feel at home among these classy roomies, why not try a game of free bingo while you’re there? After all, when you’re in with the in crowd, it’s considered rude not to take advantage of the perks!

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