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All the best from Betfred Bingo

  • 14 Sep 08
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Betfred online bingo

There have been a number of changes at Betfred Bingo since we last checked in so we thought we ought to update our members so you can get the best from your online bingo game.

Now offering a downloadable option, Betfred Bingo has more games for players who don't mind having the software on their computer. The main benefit of the download is that you'll be able to play the 75-ball version of the game and better still the new moving patterns game, which is supported only in this format. This cool new game means you can enjoy a new take on the pattern version of the game while in play. The ingenious moving pattern grid allows players to change patterns constantly, which gives you more chances to win and more reasons to play.

This popular uk online bingo site may have lost out on having Stuart Halls' sponsorship of the site but with more fab features than ever including a sign up bonus of up to £150 and extended buddy profiles to help you get to know your fellow players better, there's still every reason to stay and play with Betfred.

In addition to their cool profiles, Betfred have also introduced a monthly blog competition for roomies. This game means you could win £10 extra in your account simply by sharing your funniest blog entry. Of course, the bigger picture here is that players will be able to see what their friends have been up to through this brilliant community feature.

We love ideas that bring people together at Bingo Hideout, which is why we're already thinking about which of our bingo anecdotes would be the best to put up there.


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