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All the celebrities have got out of here

  • 18 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

888 Ladies

This week we’ve been considering the news that Vic Reeves has left 888Ladies. Although this departure is simply down to the twelve month contract between the two parties expiring, Bingo Hideout spies an unexpected trend in celebrity endorsements. Vic leaving 888 Ladies Bingo is in fact the last in a long line of endorsements that have come to an end, what with Jordan leaving Foxy to promote on his own, Stuart Hall leaving Betfred Bingo recently and Sharon Osborne only being evident in game form over at Gala, we’re wondering why celebs are shying away from this booming business!

Who’s the queen of online bingo now?

In fact it seems that Alison Hammond over at Crown Bingo is the only celeb left standing. While this at first seems like bad news for online bingo, we have come to realise that in fact this disappearing act is a direct result of the huge success story that is bingo online. Take for example Vic Reeve’s departure, 888 Ladies only came online relatively recently and since has taken over the world of internet bingo. With huge promos and popular game formats this site feels like one that has been around for years already it’s so established and so to put it simply going off the back of this enormous success, why should they pay a fee to celeb to promote the site when it is doing so well irrespective of who’s in the ads?

It’s the players that make the game

With so many other big sites using actresses without A or even B list status to promote their features in this ever more competitive industry, it seems to us that even the bigger sites have realised that money spent on ads with famous faces can be spent better elsewhere, and we would suggest even bigger jackpots for loyal roomies in place of endorsement cheques.

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