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Angel Crest Holding Take Over GameVillage

  • 09 Jul 13
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIt was recently announced that community bingo site, GameVillage, has been taken over by Angel Crest Holding, which is run by two of the UK’s leading bingo affiliates. GameVillage launched in 2007, and was founded by Juan Murillo and Lawrence Gouett. It offers players the opportunity to play online casino games, but also boasts 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms and other games (such as video poker and keno) using a combination of proprietary software and Betsoft software.  The owners have now decided to focus more on extending social and mobile gaming offerings to the North American market, and have now sold on all the software rights and licence to Angel Crest.

One of GameVillage’s founders, Lawrence Gouett, says they believe that Angel Crest are “well-positioned to capitalise on the growing interest in the UK and European e-gaming markets” and that he and his colleague now plan to return to their “original vision and roots” by working on social and virtual goods development.

According to the signpost at the top of GameVillage’s home-page, the site has a ‘population’ of over 460,000, and the majority of promotions and images are designed to create a real, community feel. It even hosts its very own radio station every evening! However, it’s expected that the acquisition will lead to a whole, new makeover for the site, so we look forward to seeing the outcome in due course.

Avaneesh Shivananda and Ravi Raghav are the co-founders of Angel Crest Holding, but are also directors of RASR Entertainment – the company behind several popular bingo brands, including Sparkling Bingo and Bingo Magix. Mr. Raghav says the pair feels that GameVillage is the “perfect brand for [their] expansion in the UK,” whilst Mr. Shivananda says that Game Village offers a “very original player experience and the ultimate community solution.”

It’s said that GameVillage.com is one of the fastest growing bingo operators in the UK, and is renowned for offering a generous reward system and a strong community experience.

Are any of our readers GV fans? If so, are you concerned or pleased about the recent takeover of the site? Do you feel that more online games sites should try to emulate the same sense of community spirit as GV does? The site is currently still accepting new players, so if you want to keep an eye on what’s going on, either pop back for updates here or sign-up at GV.


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