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Another Gala Bingo hall bites the dust – Camberwell!

  • 18 Feb 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Gala BingoBosses of the Gala Bingo hall in Camberwell have announced that the bingo hall will be closing due to economic reasons.  Gala Bingo have told a local news publication that a private buyer will be found,  but the buyer will not be in the bingo industry meaning that the Camberwell Bingo hall will never have the game played within its walls again once its doors close.  Nearby residents are understandably shocked and disappointed about the sudden decision to close their local Gala Bingo hall, though all over the country bingo halls have been closing due to the challenging trading conditions that prevail at present.

A trip to Gala Bingo in Rotherhithe an alternative?

Residents that are disappointed that the local Gala Bingo hall will close will be offered new memberships with the Gala Bingo hall in Rotherhithe.  Although not an ideal solution for those with problems with transportation, it might help a little to take the sting out of the shock decision to close the popular Camberwell bingo hall.  Staff at the Camberwell Gala Bingo hall will wherever possible be given alternative employment within the Gala Bingo group however this may not be possible for all 29 of the employees affected.

Elderly people like 88 year old Elizabeth will be affected

One elderly resident will be particularly upset, an 88 year old lady Elizabeth as she has been going to the club since it first opened.  Her son, a lay inspector for Southwark care homes Mr Tom White was quoted in the local paper as saying “It’s very sad for someone like her.

“It’s the only thing that gets her out.

“She sees people she knows there and it’s not too far for her to travel.

“As a lay inspector we tell people that there ought to be more activities for older people.

“But the most popular thing among older people is bingo.

“They would do it every day if they could.

“It’s a night out for them. Everybody that thinks it’s a mundane thing and it’s not that important should see how much people love it.”

Gala Bingo are often featured in news stories and articles published on Bingo Hideout, more recently for issues regarding the restructuring of £2.6m debt.  It is hoped that the closures and job losses that have been necessary recently will now slow down and normal service can soon be resumed.


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