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Are bingo players from Romford lucky?

  • 21 Feb 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAre bingo players in one area luckier than others? The rason for our question is that the National Lottery has recently released statistics that show the London town of Romford to have the most jackpot winners out of all regions in the UK. A staggering 84 jackpot winners have come from the town in the North East of London and the RM postcode as a whole has won over 165 million. That trumps the nearest competitor Enfield by over 60 million. So, what is it about Romford that makes it such a hot spot and more importantly, can the same figures found by the National Lottery be applied to online bingo and gaming wins?

Recently, the Bingo Hideout team compiled a full report based upon an in depth survey of the online bingo community. Looking closely at these stats can help us at least theoretically consider the possibility of Romford as a particularly lucky location or indeed, discover where else has high numbers of lucky players.

From our information, the London area is particularly low scoring when it comes to bingo players. In fact, only 3.7% of players surveyed came from London in comparison to the Midlands 15.4%.Nonetheless this doesn’t necessarily mean that these players don’t win big and have a lot of online bingo luck.

However, when moving on to our statistics relating to spend over location 0% of players from London claimed to spend between £500 and £1000 per week which although doesn’t necessarily denote they don’t win big, it doesn’t give the impression that online bingo is the gaming method of choice in the area and perhaps the Lottery is where all the Londoners funds go.

With this assumption in place, it’s worth considering where may be the country’s online bingo lucky spot. News we reported in November saw Dundee hitting our headlines, as two bingo players from the same town BOTH won one of the cars on offer in the William Hill Car-a-Day promo. Now, luck like that would suggest Dundee is a potential online bingo hot spot and in fact Scotland as a whole features heavily in our online survey findings, making up 14.5% of all the players surveyed.

When looking at Bingo Hideout’s Online Bingo Survey Results in relation to spend over Location, in Scotland there were a high percentage of players claiming to spend £500-£1000 per week on online bingo and when considering this much money is being spent, we’d suggest there is a correlation with regard winnings too.

Romford continues to top the Lottery charts, with more winners being found each week but it remains to be seen where the hot spot for online bingo players is, although there are some arrows point up north.

Are you from Romford or perhaps you’re a Scottish bingo player? Let us know your thoughts about the best areas for online bingo in the country.

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