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Are Bingo Raiders a Good or Bad Thing?

  • 21 Jun 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altDependent on your time playing online bingo the chances are you will have heard the term “Raider” if you participate in the chat rooms. You may even be a Raider without realising that you had a label from other players and even chat hosts and today we look at whether Raiders at bingo sites are a good or a bad thing. Firstly we need to define what a raider is…

A Raider, in online bingo terms, is a player who buys tickets in multiple rooms. It really is that simple to define but the debate has always been about whether they enhance the gaming experience or are a detriment to it. It really depends on which side of the fence you are on because there are a number of aspects to consider.

The first is that a Raider often has more money to spend than most and is simply playing the odds with their disposable income because you don’t have to be a mathematician to know that the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning a game. This extends in a raiders case to the more rooms they buy in, then the better their chances of winning. Bingo players with a lower budget often find it infuriating that a players name is being announced as a winner in multiple rooms but stop and think for a minute, like you, they don’t win every game and that last game you won, some of the money came from the raiders pocket. In essence they are increasing the pot prize in the room.

The flip side of the coin for bingo raiding is the chat games. Many sites play chat games that are based on the outcome of the game. It could be a chat game like Neighbours where the players above and below the bingo game winner are awarded points or bonuses. If a Raider has purchased ticket in the room but isn’t actually present in chat, there are no Neighbours simply because the Raider’s name does not appear in the chat list, therefore no chat game winner.

However with the addition to pre-buy tickets in many games without the need to even be logged into your account to win; Raiders are rife, but not because they have a higher bingo budget, simply that they have had the foresight to pre-buy tickets for a game they want to play.

The term Raiders, when used in the bingo chat rooms, often seems rather derogatory and it shouldn’t be because whether a player is logged into their account and playing in multiple rooms or simply because they have pre-purchased tickets for a game, they are playing the odds in the same way as any other player participating in the game.

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