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Are online bingo Chat games brilliant or boring?

  • 18 Oct 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

Every online bingo site has a chat room, where players can enjoy some banter and make friends. Every chat room is presided over by a chat host / chat manager. In order to keep the atmosphere friendly and lively, and to give players the opportunity to win free bingo bonus points, a regular occurrence in chat rooms is the ‘chat game’. These are fun contests that often require general knowledge, a fast finger, and an old fashioned dose of good luck.

Whether you find a chat game brilliant or boring depends on what type of bingo player you are. On the whole, players who enjoy bingo as a way of socialising, having fun and making friends will find chat games ‘brilliant.’ Also, roomies hunting down bonus bucks and free cash will no doubt find chat games a positive experience. However, players who want to get their head down and concentrate on bingo, or players who don’t feel particularly sociable, may not have that same optimistic view.

A few popular chat games are as follows:

Horserace – this chat game requires all you roomies to pick a column, and keep your fingers crossed that you are first to fill it up. The chat moderator will give you a special word to type out beforehand, and then you can claim your prize.

Trivia/general knowledge chat games – watch out, these games can really test your brain power. The chat moderator will ask a question, and wait for responses. Fast typing and good general knowledge count here.  If you are good at pub quizzes or if you are an expert Trivial Pursuit player, then these could be the game for you.

Keno is another popular activity – at the beginning of the bingo game, you will need to pick several numbers. If you predict the most numbers in a chat game, then you win the prizes.

If you play online bingo at Foxy Bingo then you will find that they have their own version of chat games. These games pay out bingo points which can then be exchanged for online bingo tickets to play further games.

There is not massive amounts of cash up for grabs or any particular kudos to winning a chat game, they are fun and light hearted and an excellent way to feel really included in the social side of things.

Don’t forget – playing online bingo chat games is optional – nobody forces you to join in. On the whole, we reckon that chat games are BRILLIANT– they’re a great way to meet new people and to win bingo freebies….. and that can’t be a bad thing?


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