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Aren’t we told we need to protect children from the danger of bingo?

  • 27 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Ed Balls

The way forward for bringing discipline to the feckless youth appears to be to play bingo. A controversial statement made by the Governments expert on discipline, Sir Alan Steer says that he believes that playing games like bingo will help prevent discipline problems in the classroom and will stimulate children’s imagination.

Sir Alan believes that bingo is not the only game that would help young people to become more focused and better behaved; he also feels that games such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Pictionary or Dominoes will all help to alleviate the current lack of discipline in schools today.

Sir Alan believes that in general schools in England have managed to raise discipline standards, and that in general the behaviour of children was good. Sir Alan went on to give advice on the school subjects where the new bingo games could be used. In particular he sees it as having a real use in French lessons where it can be used as a useful learning tool and to assist with oral as well as written work.

There were a variety of recommendations in the report that was delivered to Ed Balls the Children’s Secretary, who has stated that he will implement the changes in full. Shadow Minister for Schools, Nick Gibb has been quite scathing about the report, he said ‘Of course teachers need to make lessons as interesting as possible but government ministers asking them to put on game shows is not the answer to the serious problems with discipline and behaviour in schools.’

Certain industry experts believe that playing bingo for the first five to ten minutes could possible help to ensure children are ready for the lesson ahead by making them more focussed. The recent NASUWT conference gave evidence that teachers are often assaulted and often end up injured and in hospital.

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