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ASA ban more online bingo adverts, this time Tombola

  • 31 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Tombola Bingo

A little bit of sunshine has been removed from our television screens thanks to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Two of the most delightful and uplifting Tombola Bingo television advertisements have been banned from being shown, as a result of one complaint from a member of the public. The two online bingo adverts were considered too appealing to children and as such will no longer be able to be shown in the current form again. The adverts both featured animated fairground scenes, which is the usual theme of Tombola’s bingo products. The first advert had the memorable Tombola Bingo theme tune sung by the sixties Spanish child pop star Maria Isabel y Marisol, which was the ideal music to the lively fairground scene. The second advert was a promotional advert for the Battleship game which again featured the familiar fairground theme.

The ASA considered all the evidence and upheld the complaint made against Tombola Bingo believing that the risk of the fairground theme being attractive to children was very possible. They acknowledged the report given to them by Tombola Bingo which stated that they had carefully sought approval along the way from ClearCast to ensure that they were not guilty of any infringements of the broadcasting rules on gambling. However they still believed that the advertisements could possibly put vulnerable children in danger from the advertisements.

Bingo Hideout believe that although there is to a degree a possibility that children might be attracted to the advert it would likely be from a purely enjoyment perspective in appreciation of the animation. A current advertisement for a car insurance resource Compare the Markets has a very successful advert which features Meerkats, children watching are not suddenly tempted to purchase car insurance but will just sit and watch in delight at the antics of the meerkat. Surely this is the same situation with the Tombola advertisements; this is yet another knee-jerk reaction by the ASA to the gambling industry. The full adjudication can be read by clicking on the following link.

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