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Barred pensioner recruited by online bingo site, Ladbrokes Bingo

  • 15 Jun 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Ladbrokes BingoAt the end of May we featured a story that had been published in the Mail that reported on the startling fact that a pensioner Rosalyn Clemson had been barred from her local Mecca Bingo club.  The pensioner had allegedly breached Mecca Bingo rules by organising a coach trip to a neighbouring bingo hall 15 miles away for her and some of her friends at the Mecca Bingo hall. On the surface it would seem that it was the end of the story and that Rosalyn would now just sit at home remembering sadly all the fun that she once had playing her favourite bingo games.  However another online bingo site felt so strongly that an injustice had been done that they came to the rescue.

ASBO Pensioner turned Bingo ambassador

Mecca Bingo’s loss now appears to be Ladbrokes bingo’s gain as they have asked the ‘ASBO’  or Anti Social Bingo Order pensioner to be their first ever Ladbrokes Bingo ambassador.  The new role in Ladbrokes for Rosalyn Clemson will see her playing online bingo for the gaming site, acting as both an advisor and consultant on all Ladbrokes Bingo online games and bingo promotions.  To help Rosalyn in her new role Ladbrokes have provided her with a state-of-the-art laptop, a monthly cash sum paid into her online bingo account and very shortly a lovely brand new mobility scooter to help her spread the word amongst her friends about the joy of playing online bingo with Ladbrokes.

New mobility Scooter part of the Ladbrokes Bingo package

The 76 year old pensioner who had been a regular player at the Mecca Bingo hall for over 50 years was overjoyed by her new position within the Ladbrokes Bingo organisation, and said “I can’t believe their kindness – I’m gobsmacked, not only have I been given the chance to continuing playing, but I now have a new job”.  Rosalyn can’t wait to get started in her new role as the Ladbrokes Bingo ambassador, and is going to put her new mobility scooter to good use by recruiting her many friends to the advantages of playing online bingo at Ladbrokes Bingo site.

Ladbrokes Bingo are overjoyed that they can help Rosalyn to enjoy her bingo games once more and are grateful that they have secured a valuable new member to the team with fifty years of experience playing the game.

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