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Beacon Bingo in Loughborough, playing banging soundZ and bingo of course!

  • 15 May 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Beacon BingoBeacon Bingo in Loughborough certainly has the right idea on how to get the bingo players through the door.  Clearly they have realised that if you can’t get the place stacked out wall to wall playing bingo then add a little extra to make sure they are bashing the door down to get in.  Certainly Beacon Bingo have found a way to make sure that their Loughborough bingo hall is memorable, they have combined the traditional bingo hall with a nightclub theme to come up with ‘Meltdown’.

Beacon Bingo’s Meltdown is already a soar away success with coach loads of students already arranging to visit. If you don’t like loud music, drag queens and flashing lights then the more everyday bingo games at Beacon Bingo are probably for you.  However if you like banging tunes, a great DJ, dancing, Ultraviolet lights, boozy nights, lots of laughs, dancing and of course bingo then Beacon Bingo’s Meltdown it the place to be.

The Meltdown events at Beacon Bingo take place on 5th and 12th June, there will be a stage for the drag acts to perform and the drag queens will also be guest Beacon bingo callers for the evening, a dance floor for dancing will be available and very, very noisy bingo games. There will be a fully licensed bar and although the music will be playing during the bingo games the bingo games themselves will be taken seriously with the prospect of winning.  It is hoped that the evening will be a fun and lively affair and worlds apart form the quiet, and often outdated games of bingo that are held each and every day around the country.

We wonder if this is Brian Mattingley’s influence bringing in a much needed breath of fresh air to a game that is suffering in the doldrums from loss of player numbers at the moment.  For those that are not aware Brian Mattingley is the new owner of the Beacon Bingo Hall in Loughborough which he purchased along with the Beacon Bingo Halls in Northampton and Cricklewood. The ex Gala Bingo Chief Executive added the Beacon Bingo Clubs to his business portfolio (which includes the OTT Restaurant and Pips Cafe’) in April of this year.  The Northampton Beacon Bingo hall has already held a Meltdown event which was a great success.

We would like to wish the Beacon Bingo club in Loughborough every success with their Meltdown event, and may this breathe new life back into the high street bingo hall – lets face it times change and maybe this is just what the High street bingo halls have needed.

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