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Beacon Bingo to install smokers cage outside bingo hall

  • 29 Sep 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Beacon Bingo cageA Beacon Bingo hall in Leicestershire is hoping that by building a huge metal cage they will lure bingo players who enjoy a cigarette or two back into the beleaguered bingo hall.  Since the smoking ban many bingo halls have suffered with diminishing player numbers and the Loughborough Beacon Bingo has suffered a huge drop in numbers down 1,000 from an average of 3,500 per week.  The management team at the Beacon Bingo hall hope that the new £60,000 cage complete with fruit machines will encourage the players to come back to play.

The story covered on This is Leicestershire local news site, states that Beacon Bingo even tried to attract the smoking faithful back by offering cigarette replacements (take note Gala Bingo – see our story from yesterday!) but unfortunately the fake fags which give a burst of nicotine were not a huge success with the bingo players.  The management of Beacon Bingo are hoping that the cage will also stop non members trying to gain access via the smokers shelter which was happening previously. The Beacon Bingo hall is awaiting a gaming licence for the fruit machines to be placed outside of the bingo hall and in the soon to be constructed smokers cage.

Now call us daft if you like but how many bingo players (or for that matter the public in general) want to be caged like a load of monkeys when they play their favourite bingo games?  We here at the Bingo Hideout applaud the Beacon Bingo bosses for trying to find ways to attract the bingo players back, but sticking them in what is effectively a live exhibit cage is hardly likely to do the trick. It is bad enough that the average smoker is made to feel like they are the lowest of the low – even though they make a huge contribution to the public purse to help fund MP’s expenses claims – but now they are going to be made to feel like the are at the Sangatte refuge camp too!  It is easy to see why bingo players might prefer to play online bingo sites in the comfort of their own home so that they can enjoy their habit without fear of being treated like a leper.This is written by a non-smoker by the way so the writer has no particular axe to grind!

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