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Betfred.com player pockets mega fortune

  • 18 Feb 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altWe were overjoyed to hear of a big winner over at Betfred Bingo’s sister online casino site. The Bingo Hideout team love letting our readers know all about the lucky jackpot winners who’ve walked away with the biggest prizes out there. It gives us hope that anyone can win and this week’s lucky player comes from Betfred.com; and what’s more, this lucky so-and-so has scooped the biggest online progressive jackpot in UK history.

A gargantuan £5.1 million has made its way to the lucky Betfred.com customer, who only staked a single £1. The player had been playing £1 spins on Betfred’s King Kong slot and scored a nice £250 win. It was at this point, that the winner turned their attention to the Beach Life slot, with its huge progressive jackpot. Within just six quick spins the deed was done and the player had a huge £5.1 million to come to terms with. As well as being named the UK’s biggest ever progressive jackpot winner, the customer is the world’s third biggest winner of all time.

Winning such a huge jackpot scored the lucky player a private meeting with Betfred.com Casino’s founder Fred Done. A private jet arrived to transport the winner and on arrival Mr. Done himself presented them with the huge cheque. He himself confessed to sharing some of the player’s joy because as a leading bookmaker he described getting a ‘real thrill’ from turning someone into a multimillionaire with a few short mouse clicks. When you think of it like that, it really does seem unbelievable.

It’s always exciting to see another record being broken and it makes you wonder how high these jackpots can go. It won’t be long before the next big win comes along and the company who pays out will reap the glory, just like Mr. Done.

Progressive jackpots are a regular feature of most online bingo and casino sites even when you play bingo at Betfed Bingo. It’s believed the first progressive jackpot was introduced in the late eighties and the excitement grew from there. Progressive jackpots steadily increase as players go about their regular gaming.

Every time you place a bet or buy online bingo tickets in a progressive jackpot game, a small percentage of your bet is siphoned into the central jackpot fund, making up the progressive jackpot. In terms of online bingo, to win the big prize, players need to win in the lowest number of calls, set generally to be different at different sites and with slots games; it depends on the position of designated jackpot symbols in the winning formation.

These big payouts don’t come every week but when they do it’s extremely exciting for the community as a whole and gives us all something positive to talk about.


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