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Big Mecca Bingo winners are a regular occurrence

  • 14 Apr 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Mecca BingoMecca Bingo have always got stacks of bingo winners at the moment with their very popular Daily guaranteed £10k jackpot in the 90 ball bingo rooms and the brand new £1,000 daily guaranteed jackpot in 75 ball bingo rooms. The huge prize winning doesn’t stop there though as the scratchcard games at Mecca Bingo have proved particularly fruitful for one player known by the chat name of ‘winforsmudgettx’.  The lucky scratchcard player was enjoying a Deal or No Deal game when her fortunes were suddenly turned around and winforsmudgettx won an amazing £150,000.

Mecca Bingo customer services need ear defenders

Winforsmudgettx is a seamstress by trade and had been playing at Mecca Bingo for a little light relief after a stressful day, finding the chat room a good source of stimulating company.  The 38 year old mum was playing at Mecca Bingo on the evening of her lucky win, once her three children were safely tucked up in bed when good fortune suddenly smiled on her.  So engrossed was Winforsmudgettx in her chat that she was unaware for a little while that she was now very much in the money. When reality eventually hit home, Winforsmudgettx rang the Mecca Bingo customer services department just to confirm that her eyes weren’t deceiving her – which for the Mecca Bingo customer services representative it might not have been such a great conversation as Winforsmudgettx said that she “screamed down the phone. I think I deafened them”.

New vacuum cleaner, first purchase for winner

Winforsmudgettx who is from Oxted in Surrey has made her first purchase with her Mecca Bingo scratch card win, clearly a woman with a thought for the practical she purchased a new vacuum cleaner to celebrate her win.  There are big plans afoot however to purchase a holiday home, somewhere where all the family can have a little break and have some holiday fun. Well done to all the Mecca Bingo winners and may good fortune smile down on all the loyal players at this very popular online bingo site.


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