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Big online bingo and slots winners abound

  • 26 Sep 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

altIn amongst the recent news stories of dishonest bingo players and a rather upsetting story of a 61 year old bingo player being sexually assaulted on her way home in Ireland, there comes happier news of bingo and slots winners.  Of course bingo is like any other activity there are good and bad stories that pop up from time to time…. We would prefer to focus on the good for a moment; and how much better can the good stories get, than those of lucky winners.  

The first story to catch our eye was the lucky Jackpotjoy bingo winner who managed to win £4,925 playing the Bingo 75 Ball games.  The winner Mr Troy P was overjoyed to win this sum after only 3 short days playing the site and making a deposit of only £50. In fact this lucky winner joins the ranks of successful Jackpotjoy bingo players in September ……. And he is in very good company.  Terry B, another male player managed to win a massive £51,788 playing the brand new Red or Black? games at the online bingo site Jackpotjoy. Terry B managed to achieve his massive win after receiving a credit from Jackpotjoy into his online bingo account as a free gift from the popular online bingo site. Terry B then, thinking that there was little chance of a win with free bingo money, set about playing Jackpotjoy Bingo site’s new online slot game when his number well and truly came up.

This run of good luck is not only restricted to Jackpotjoy bingo players, the lucky streak is also running at Sky Bingo’s casino site.  This time luck was in for a lady player, when Debbie Mangan won a jaw-dropping £460,134 whilst playing Alice’s Wonderland progressive slot at the Sky Vegas site. Then only one day later, another female player at the Sky Vegas site won £26,000 playing another progressive slot game, Leprachaun’s Luck.

These remarkable stories prove that it makes no difference if you are playing as a high roller or wagering very little at all, as is the case with Debbie Mangan who only placed a £1 bet to achieve her massive win.  It is all about whether luck is on your side, and probably the luckiest player of them all could be regarded as Terry B who wagered none of his own money at all to win big at Jackpotjoy.  It makes a refreshing change to have such happy news to share.


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