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Bingo addict steals over £40,000 from ‘Friend’

  • 10 Nov 11
  • Written by Deena Chance

Dawn Kyle, 61, has been tried and sentenced to 15 months in jail for theft of £42,000 from a close childhood friend to play bingo. Kyle, who worked as a carer for her victim, siphoned the funds from her friend’s account over a ten-month period from January to October 2009 and she admitted to four offences of theft during this period.

The story of the thieving bingo player was reported in the Mail Online publication and reveals that Kyle, from Felixstowe in Sussex had developed a bingo addiction just prior to the time that the thefts occurred. The innocent victim now aged 65, has been left in debt and struggling due to Kyle’s spiralling bingo addiction and her decision to use her ‘friend’s’ money to fund it.

Her victim, a pensioner who lives in Ipswich is now suffering extreme hardship whose life is in ruins, left with mountains of debt to deal with. The elderly gentleman had relied upon Kyle for support, friendship and care. The Judge explained how the guilty woman’s frail victim now has to deal with creditors to negotiate a way out of the debt problems left.

Further evidence asserted that Kyle’s victim was in an extremely vulnerable place when she targeted him. He had been a heavy drinker for the twenty years since his marriage broke down and had since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and limited mental capacity. The prosecution claimed that when Kyle began caring for her victim she began to abuse his trust and started stealing from him. The victim’s mental capacity was brought into question during the trial when although he confirmed he had allowed Kyle to use some of his money, including £5,000 he gave to her, he had not authorised the repeated withdrawals totalling £42,000. The guilty woman had not only used money to play bingo, she had even used her victim’s money to pay for a deposit and rent on her home.

In her defence, Kyle was described as somebody who chose to care for her victim and had done so for 15 years before the thefts took place in 2009. It was also explained that she cared for her own husband before he died and was currently looking after her parents. It was also maintained that Kyle felt genuinely remorseful and that her addiction had reached its climax at that point.

Despite the defence, the Judge felt it only right that she serve a prison sentence and that it was his duty to ensure she received a punishment to fit her crime. The prosecuting lawyer described Kyle’s actions as a “flagrant breach of trust”.

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