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Bingo And The World Wide Web — A Match Made In Heaven

  • 07 Jul 15
  • Written by Peachy

Bingo And The World Wide Web-- A Match Made In Heaven

We almost all enjoy a fantastic game of Bingo– the excitement, the excitement, the exhilaration when we win. It’s very similar to the stereotyped ‘cat and mouse” game we all play when seeking our significant other. That desire to win, and the outbreak of emotional states that go along with it as we locate our prey and (hopefully!) accumulate our winnings. Is it really a surprise then, that with all of this rushing of the blood and excitement, an all new sector of the dating game has started to flourish– Bingo dating is genuine. It’s here. It’s taking place, and people are loving it!

Contrast the conditions encompassing any typical chat room on a dating site– two people are sat online, probably alone at home, communicating to each other about life the universe and everything. So what’s the difference here? Everyone’s fixated around one central theme that they love! This isn’t mindless babble, and frankly, quite possibly a web of lies designed to trap the person at the end of the key board into a meeting– this is one of those unusual situations where two people can legitimately enjoy something mutually, and chat about why.

It’s true, gambling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it can be a total deal breaker when using most standard dating sites due to it being such a “marmite” topic. Take one Bingo lover, combine them with someone who hates taking risks (which, lets face it, is quite a LOT of people) and suddenly, all chemistry is gone. Take that same person, put them in an online Bingo chat room with people who share that love, and what do you get? An instantaneous icebreaker.

That’s the real beauty of it too, the fact that there isn’t any awkwardness in comparison to the majority of online dating scenarios. Both individuals are already in admittance about their love for the subject matter currently drawing both of their attention, and the fact that it is seen by many as being controversial provides both users with an instant sense of security and comfort. This is quite possibly one of the only online dating scenarios where both parties involved can genuinely hold their hands up and claim they’re being open and honest with each other from the start.

Combine all of this with a user interface that can in effect be used in exactly the same way as a dating profile, and it’s obvious that this set up is going to work– who ever decided to combine the emotion and thrill of online dating with the exhilaration of a great Bingo game is a genius. Even if you lose, you can console each other and that in itself becomes a topic in it’s own.

Try this today– seriously. It works.

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