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Bingo brands capitalise on new radio rules

  • 02 May 12
  • Written by Deena Chance

altAfter years of doom and gloom for those broadcasting on the radio, it seems there has finally been an upturn in fortune – and this change in fortunes will benefit online bingo and gaming brands. There are many reasons for the change in fortune for the radio which include the development and growth of online radio stations and new rules which allow brands to be integrated into radio show content. These two positives, combined with just generally higher listener numbers have shown to be instrumental in the resurgence of the radio; which in turn has seen bingo brands getting in on the action.

The Radio Advertising Bureau’s latest forecast backs up these claims and their managing director Simon Redican believes that marketers are starting to realise exactly how they can develop their brands across multiple channels and commercial radio stations are slowly learning how they can work with these marketers to place themselves in a strong position to support their growth.

Radio provides a flexible and valuable resource for many brands and the change in Broadcasting cost has allowed brands to be featured in radio content, and has opened many windows for popular bingo brand Foxy Bingo. Like all online bingo brands out there, the summertime poses a distinct problem for Foxy Bingo as their customer base shrinks as holidays and days out in the sun are preferable to sitting in on computers.

Foxy Bingo took the chance to tackle this problem head on, as well as further developing their Foxy Bingo mascot, Foxy, by sponsoring a selected radio show last summer. They chose the David Jensen show, broadcast on Smooth Radio.

Speaking on behalf of Foxy Bingo, their marketing director Mark Segal explained that they managed to keep their revenue steady across the whole of summer, due in part to this radio show sponsorship and also because they bought out radio ad-breaks on Smooth running on Fridays. During these buyouts, Foxy Bingo took the initiative to give Foxy a voice and give him the chance to chat along with regular bingo players and celebs featuring on the show. Segal again said that these buyouts provided fantastic content for the brand and also led to an increased number of new registrations at their site.

Foxy Bingo has taken radio to its heart and now even commissions its own personal radio show, produced by Somethin’ Else, which broadcasts completely live three hours every Tuesday and also on Thursday nights. It’s clear to see that radio is a significantly powerful marketing tool and by working together bingo brands and radio stations can both benefit; add this to the up and coming mobile bingo platform and there is the sure sound of success ringing in many brands ears……. Foxy included!


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