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Bingo Callers wanted to appear on BBC1

  • 15 May 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

John BishopBingo Callers are being sought by the BBC to feature in a new show called John Bishop’s Britain.  For those that don’t already know John Bishop is a comedian from Liverpool, and the new show will feature him discussing funny stories and experiences of people in various professions, bingo callers being just one segment of the community that John Bishop will focus on.  The BBC One show will include Vox pop polls and some of the stand up comedy routine of the popular comedian plus small interviews with the selected featured professionals.

Production team are awaiting applicants details

Bingo callers who are interested in applying to appear on the show should send an email to the production company at the following email address: takepart@objectiveproductions.com, applicants must include details of their age, location, name and address and telephone number and details of their experiences and / or views.  The closing date for applications to appear on the new BBC comedy entertainment show is July 16th so if you are a Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo or independent bingo hall caller then there is plenty of time to send your details in.

People from all walks of life wanted

Bear in mind it isn’t only the bingo industry that the John Bishop’s Britain show will focus on, in fact all walks of life are likely to be featured so even if you aren’t a bingo caller the show’s team will be happy to hear from you.  The details of the search for people to feature in the show is on the Bingo Association website, it states that the Objective TV producers are looking for ‘characters’ who have ‘outgoing’ personalities to discuss all aspects of modern life, so everything from politics and sport to love and relationships and growing up in the UK.  

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