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Bingo calling days for Ex-Newcastle United footballer

  • 03 Jan 10
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Malcolm AllenProfessional footballer to bingo caller, how does that happen? Malcolm Allen the former Newcastle United and Wales footballer has been spilling the beans on how he ended up being a bingo caller at an old people’s home in Watford.  The once professional footballer went from earning thousands of pounds a week to calling bingo numbers as part of a community service order by the courts in relation to drink driving offences.  The sad tale of one mans fight with the demon drink is told on the Wales Online site, the full sorry story reveals how the footballer turned sports commentator, ended up binge drinking and committing drink driving offences a shocking four times and also how he physically attacked a woman in the street whilst drunk.

Bingo calling ordered by the court

Malcolm Allen has now apparently put his distressing past behind him and is attempting to rebuild his shattered life, which resulted in the breakdown of his marriage and the sacking from his job helping to build a successful youth football team for Wales.  Some parts of Malcolm Allen’s story are very sad but in amongst the shocking details there are small glimmers of happiness when he recounts tales of helping the old folk at the nursing home.  One such tale is quoted in the Wales Online article when Allen recounts his memories of the old people he helped “I still remember the names – legs 11, two little ducks, Downing Street and two fat ladies. At the end of the session some old lady would say ‘Thanks, Mr Bingo Man, see ya next week, Mr Bingo Man’.

Banned for Drink Driving until June 2010

Malcolm Allen still believes that he is not an alcoholic, merely a problem drinker.  He is currently working for a Welsh football show as a presenter Sgorio, hopefully putting his bingo calling days behind him.  Still not out of the woods yet though, Malcolm Allen’s last brush with the law was in 2008 when he received a ban from driving which does not expire until June 2010.

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