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Bingo Confidential film Producer tells of struggling US bingo Halls

  • 02 Jul 09
  • Written by Charlotte Widmore

Bingo ConfidentialWe have been featuring news about a soon to be released Hollywood bingo film called, Bingo Confidential which is currently the talk of all the major bingo portal sites. Bingo Confidential is certainly creating a stir and is in fact in the news again.  Anyone of course who knows anything about bingo both the online bingo and the high street variety will already know that Bingo Hideout lives, breathes and eats Bingo and although we weren’t the first to report on the up and coming Hollywood bingo film we have been big fans from the outset.  We are pleased there is so much interest out there and are hopeful that this film does eventually receive the major Cinema distribution that it rightly deserves.

Bingo Halls struggling in the United States too

After our recent article which updated you all on the progress of the new film, we had the opportunity to have a little chat with the creator, producer and director of the Bingo Confidential film, Susan Benfatto.  During the short discussion we brought to her attention the implications of the current taxation policy and subsequent campaigns for the struggling UK bingo industry.  Interestingly the situation in the states is pretty similar with a very comparable scenario of struggling high street bingo halls.  In the States however, this has been put down to the introduction of big casino style bingo clubs.  It would appear that in the US all bingo is non-profit making, so church halls and local community organisations run the bingo games as a means of fund raising.  Unfortunately for the smaller bingo halls this is creating problems and the player demographic has changed so the halls are not attracting the younger players through the bingo hall doors.

Support the film, support bingo worldwide

It would seem then that high street bingo across the world is struggling with a number of factors so anything that portals such as the Bingo Hideout can do to assist in, what is essentially the backbone of the online bingo phenomenon, can only be a good thing.  Thanks Bingo Confidential for allowing us another opportunity to bring some more attention to our struggling bingo industry – for the good of bingo both sides of the pond!

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